About Us

Welcome to Vintage Crates

We have what we believe is the most comprehensive collection of wooden crates available.

The genuine Vintage Crates are still top of the list but they’re becoming increasingly difficult to source. However, we still have a reasonable stock.

Our Vintage Style Crates, which are exact copies and locally made in Lincolnshire have the advantage of being able to be personalised and/or hand painted. These Crates make perfect gifts for any occasion and are widely used by businesses for display, advertising and storage.

We also offer a wide range of Genuine American and Branded Crates such as Coca Cola, Teacher’s Whisky and Carlsberg. Plus we’re developing a Homes and Garden section which we hope will become of increasing interest.

Please feel free to contact us and in the meantime we’re constantly travelling around the country to find new and exciting vintage additions.

Robin  and Netty