Large Tray

Large Tray


Our Large Wooden Rustic Trays are locally made from sustainable wood sources and are based on the design of the original Wooden Apple Crate.



Our Large Trays are made locally from sustainable wood sources. They’re based on the design of the original Wooden Apple Crate but just one panel high.

They’re a useful size for storage and display. In the house or out in the garden they’re similar but smaller and neater than the potato crate.  Very versatile, light and easy to handle.

We’ve found they make great storage trays for Apples. Place on top of each other allowing the air to circulate and keep the fruit in good condition. Great too, for storing your Spring Bulbs and Tubers. In the home, a very useful item again, for small storage.

The Apple Crate Lid will also fit this this crate making it even more adaptable. If you would like to purchase the Lid please select from the drop down menu.

Dimensions:- L 54 cm x W 36 cm x H 15 cm The overall height is increased by 5mm if a Lid is fitted.


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